The Illusion of Windmills: Part 1

, by Building Rubble

Michael Fairbanks, an electrical engineer conducting maintenance on a wind turbine, was shocked to discover an electric motor inside the turbine that appeared to be turning the blades. Out of curiosity, Michael unhooked the motor from its power source and, sure enough, the blades slowly came to a halt. He clambered down from the top of the turbine and got into his truck where he phoned his boss. As soon as Michael began to explain what he had found in the turbine, his boss hung up the phone. Michael's employment was terminated 24 hours later. 

Every attempt to contact Michael via the internet and by telephone has been blocked with a message saying that the line has been taken over by the CIA. In a last ditch effort to contact him, we attached a note to the foot of a carrier pigeon named Michael, strangely enough, and sent the bird off to Michael Fairbanks' house. Within 14 hours we received a response:

Dear Building Rubble,

I have been confined to my house for two weeks now. Black vans with tinted windows have been parked outside of my house ever since I discovered the motor that turned the blades of that turbine. I am unable to use my phone or the internet and my television has been showing reruns of American Dad for the past week and a half. I believe that I've stumbled across some kind of sustainable energy conspiracy. If you can find out any information for me it would be much appreciated.


We have attempted to contact the CIA on Michael's behalf, but we have yet to receive a response. If we hear from Michael or the CIA again, we will be sure to post an update to the story as it unfolds.  

Part 2!

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