The Illusion of Windmills: Part 2

, by Unknown

After the untimely release of several pesticides that wreaked havoc on the carrier pigeon population, we were finally able to purchase an unaffected bird that was not only great with aerial navigation, but was also a pleasure to gossip with around the water cooler. During the pigeon genocide, we did not receive any response to inquiries from the CIA who have been known to be a little selfish with the information to which they have access. We sent a letter, via our new carrier pigeon, Marcus Aurelius, to Michael Fairbanks' home, letting him know that we have not heard any new information from the CIA and asking him if he has any news for us. This was his response:

Dear Building Rubble,

About two days after I sent you the first letter, my door was kicked off its hinges and three large men slammed me headfirst into my coffee table that I had made out of coffee table books. I was not knocked unconscious, but I was dazed to the point of not being able to move or speak recognizable words. I was then dragged off of the books, over my newly destroyed front door, and into one of the black vans I mentioned in my previous letter. 

In the van, the three men exchanged fudge recipes and reminisced about past New Years Eve parties. They didn't mention me once which was not surprising, but it did hurt my feelings a bit. After a while of driving we arrived at a building in the middle of nowhere and I was led inside by two of the men. I was placed in a white room and had all sorts of wires hooked to my head. No one asked me any questions throughout the entire procedure. My only guess is that instead of risking having me lie to them, they'd rather just scan my brain for the information they needed. 

I guess I didn't know as much as they thought I knew because instead of holding me in a cell or killing me, they dropped me back off at my house as my neighbors stared in disbelief. Even though I didn't know anything, I am still kept under 24/7 surveillance. 

After seeing how hard the government is trying to cover up what I found, I am kind of driven to dig deeper and learn all I can know. If you can help me in any way, I'd be greatly appreciative. 


We have begun our search for any information we can use to help Michael and will post updates as soon as they are available, so long as our new carrier pigeon is not poisoned again. 

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