Ask Uncle Leo


It's not often that you encounter a character quite like Uncle Leo. Staggering through doorways, whiskey in hand, with a massive grin spread across his stubble-covered face, Uncle Leo is truly a sight to behold. While at first he may not sound like a man from whom you'd be willing to take advice, Uncle Leo has had more life experience at the age of 57 than a 98-year-old cocktail waitress with two wandering eyes and a club foot. When you submit a question to Uncle Leo, your message will pop up on a dusty, beige IBM laptop located in whatever smoke-filled dungeon Leo's holed up in for the night. As blue smoke curls towards the ceiling from the two lit cigarettes he has blazing at all times, his blood-stained fingers will tap dance across the ancient keyboard, constructing a response that will not only adequately answer your question, but may also tie your stomach in knots. If this sounds like some action you can't wait to involve yourself in, write up a question that you need help answering and send it to Uncle Leo at He's drunkenly waiting to hear about the negativity polluting your lives. 

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