Polar Bear Impersonator Not Impressed By Winter Weather

, by Building Rubble

As massive amounts of snow continue to fall across large portions of the United States, one overly committed zoo employee is not impressed in the slightest by the volume of snow he has witnessed over the past few months. Hired in an attempt to increase visits to the polar bear exhibit at a North Carolina zoo, Roger Mayberry lingers near the zoo entrance inside of a polar bear costume. During his employment, Mayberry's supervisors have become increasingly concerned about Roger's behavior. "He seems to think he is actually a polar bear," says James Hightower, the zoo's human resources officer. "He roars at the kids, wallows in the snow, and eats raw meat during his lunch break." An interview with Mayberry himself reinforced Hightower's concern. "This ain't nothing. Up north, we got tons more snow than this. I remember this one time, I was hunting seals and all of a sudden this huge blizzard came out of nowhere. We must've got seven feet of snow that day!" says Mayberry, in between growls and snarls. Mayberry also states that he is, "excited to work his way back north," and that he hopes to be featured in a National Geographic documentary someday. 

Photo Source: http://www.oneworldoneocean.com/pages/international_polar_bear_day_toolkit


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