Facebook Went Down!

, by Building Rubble

Nations worldwide are beginning to recover after Facebook went down for a few minutes on Thursday, September 24, 2015. "I just never thought it could happen," said Tracy Birdwell of Sacramento, CA. "Every so often you see posts from your friends about Twitter or Netflix going down, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it could happen to Facebook." Birdwell is not alone in her belief that the world's second most popular website (behind Google) was unbreakable. "I was absolutely stunned. The thought of a second without Facebook, let alone a few minutes, was completely foreign to me before today," said Roger Blackburn from his hospital bed in Waco, Texas.

People all over the world have taken to the now-restored Facebook to discuss the outage and try to decide where we should go from here. Several users have started to make plans to rebuild and remember this solemn day, while others believe we should try to erase the outage from history 1984-style in order to preserve the infallible image of Facebook. President Obama has yet to make a statement on the event, but the nation anxiously awaits any sort of leadership to help us through this difficult time.

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Photo Source: http://blog.factual.com/factual-and-facebook-partner-to-improve-location-data-across-facebook


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