Interactive: Bubble Gone

, by Building Rubble

You awake in your bed, as you do every other afternoon after a hard night of Netflix and Mountain Dew. Upon standing you notice a piece of paper peeking from behind your sweat-stained pillow. You pull it out and unfold it.

Dear Ronald,

While you were midway through a Netflix binge of the fourth season of Melrose Place, I decided that the monotony of your life has really been dragging my mood down. In an effort to get you out of the house, I have set up a bit of a game around town. I have hidden your most prized possession in a secret location and you have to go find it. If you don't, you'll never see it or me ever again. 

Love, your girlfriend, 

With a sigh you look around your room to see what Christine has hidden from you. Your eyes fall on the locked wooden box you keep on your dresser. You retrieve the key to the box from your nightstand drawer and unlock the box. Your eyes are met with the bare wood of the bottom of the box. Christine took your bubble gum collection and hid it somewhere around town!

Do you:

Shower, get dressed, and then go search for clues to find your precious collection.

Immediately sprint out the door, unbathed and clothed only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Someone could be chewing your collection right now!

Forget about the collection and go back to watching Netflix. You've kind of outgrown bubble gum collecting anyway.

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