Bathe, Get Dressed, and Start Hunt


You know you have to retrieve your collection, but you smell like a herd of goats and you can't let the bubble gum see you in this condition. You grab a towel and head for the shower. When you reach the bathroom door, you find that it's locked. You begin hammering on the door with your fist. 

"Just a dang second, Ronald!" your roommate, Harrison, shouts through the door. Harrison is notorious for taking forever in the bathroom so you run outside to your neighbor's door and knock. Ms. McGrady comes to the door in her robe and says, "Hello, Ronald. May I help you?" 

You ask to use her shower. She gives you a slightly confused look, but agrees and leads you to the bathroom. You hop in the shower and quickly wash. When you get out, Ms. McGrady is standing right outside the door, rake in hand. "You used a lot of water in there," she says, handing you the rake. "Where I'm from, we repay our debts as soon as possible. See those leaves outside? Rake 'em!" You know that Ms. McGrady will never let you leave her house without repaying her in someway for using her water so you reluctantly go outside and rake the leaves for several hours, leaving you no time to search for your collection. 

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