Tinder Alternatives of the Future

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For those of you that don't know, Tinder is essentially a dating app where you are presented with a picture of a person's face and then you swipe left if you don't find them attractive and right if you do. Even though it is based upon the objectification of people by creating matches centered solely on their outward appearance, the app is still wildly popular. Since I believe that relationships should probably have more to do with what makes a person who they are rather than what their face looks like, I have compiled a list of other complicated aspects of people's lives that could be chosen based on superficial criteria. So, if you're struggling to make a difficult life decision that should require deep thought and maybe a pros/cons list, be sure to check out these Tinder alternatives that will reduce that important decision to a measly swipe or tap on your smartphone.

1. Preacher - Choosing the right religion for yourself can be incredibly hard. You have to find one that coincides with your own personal beliefs, but also doesn't incessantly get made fun of by adult cartoons. It has to guide you in the right direction, but leave much of the work to you to deal with on your own. On the Preacher app, an infographic describing each religion will pop up. After you read through it, you will then be given the option to swipe to the right if the religion seems like something that suits your lifestyle or swipe left if you'd rather not associate yourself with that particular religion.

2. Educator - Aside from cost, available majors and minors, reputation, and location, the thing people care about most when applying to college is how aesthetically pleasing its buildings are. Sure, you could choose a college based upon its ratings and how a degree from that particular university would stack up against comparable degrees from other schools when applying for jobs. You could even go downright insane and apply to colleges that offer a major that falls into one of your categories of interest. Of course, that is all crazy talk. Download the Educator app! Swipe right to apply to a college because it has pretty brick buildings and the actors they hired to pose in their pictures were attractive. Or, swipe left because the residence halls aren't rectangular enough to suit your needs. As everyone knows, or appears to know judging by the success of Tinder: it's what's on the outside that counts.

3. Breadwinner - With the current American unemployment rate hovering around 6.0%, there are millions of people across this country who desperately need a job. As many of them have found, going into businesses and requesting a job application is not as effective as it used to be. Or, if they manage to find a job, it's at a terrible location and the business is owned and operated by horrible people. These job hunters need a quick, reliable way to get a job on their own terms. That's where the Breadwinner app comes into play. Log in to the simple interface and immediately be presented with brief, vague information about a job. If the broad description sounds like something you could envision yourself doing, swipe to the right to be instantly obligated to complete the job or be fined $2000. The jobs range all the way from bank robbery to being the CEO of a massive corporation.

Photo Source: http://www.digital.nyc/news/sweat-equity-benchmark-takes-stake-in-tinder-in-exchange-for-matt-cohler-joining-board


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