Man Prints 3D Printer With 3D Printer

, by Building Rubble

Michael Stevenson of Cincinnati, Ohio purchased a 3D printer on the Internet in February to make figurines for his model cities that he builds in his basement. However, within the past month, Michael has found a much more lucrative use for his printer: using it to print other 3D printers. It started with just a couple of his friends wanting 3D printers of their own. Michael would use his printer to make a duplicate of itself and then give it to his friends for the cost of the materials used in the printing process. Word of the extremely cheap 3D printers quickly spread around the nation. Michael has been making printers 24/7 for the past two weeks. It seems he has already destroyed the profit margins of every company that mass produces the printers. "We can't give them away. Everybody that wants a printer already has one thanks to that Stevenson guy. There's no sales to make," said Al Reid, president of Poppin' Printers, Inc. This company is threatening to sue Michael, but it is not likely that they will win. Mostly because the judge that will be on duty during the court hearing is an owner of one of Michael's 3D printers. "I love Michael's products. They're cheap, useful, and they actually come with a printer cable, unlike those lame 2D printers. I even 3D printed my own gavel," said the judge. If you'd like to print yourself a gavel or some other 3D object, contact Michael and put yourself on his printer waiting list. They're well worth the wait and you get to make almost anything you want.

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