Man Injured in Collision With Kitchen Table

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Arthur Mullins was casually going about his morning routine on Wednesday morning when his life was changed forever. Walking out of the kitchen to go upstairs to shower, sipping on his second cup of coffee and muscle relaxers, he accidentally slammed his smallest toe on the corner of the kitchen table. "At first, I didn't know what happened," Arthur recalls. "I looked down and saw blood. That's when I felt the pain." Arthur fell to the floor in agony as his wife rushed to his side. "I've never witnessed such loud screams coupled with such a minuscule amount of blood," Arthur's wife, Muriel explains. "I knew he must have truly hurt himself." Seeing the drops of blood surrounding Arthur's foot, Muriel leapt into action, dialing 911 and grabbing a belt to use as a tourniquet. After summoning an ambulance, Muriel wrapped the belt around Arthur's lower thigh and tightened it to stop blood from continuing to "pour" from the wound. About fifteen minutes later, paramedics arrived to a sight many of them had never seen before, not even in training. "The man was screaming in pain, drops of blood everywhere. I knew we had to act quickly if he was going to live," says Jonathan Baxter, one of the paramedics on scene. The emergency personnel quickly loaded Arthur onto a stretcher and carried him to the ambulance. On the way to the hospital, a pain killer and a sedative were administered to ease Arthur's journey. Upon arrival, ER doctors worked quickly in an attempt to save Arthur's toe. For seven tedious hours they toiled, using four pints of blood to try to replace what he had lost. "We had a new guy in charge of the transfusions. He spilled 95% of it all over himself. Arthur only needed a few CC's but that darn new guy couldn't seem to handle it," says Chuck Harrison, one of the doctors who saved Arthur's life. Eventually, Arthur's toe was reconstructed and Arthur was sent to a hospital room to recover. When asked about spilling the blood the "new guy", named Brian Crowe, said "The man stubbed his toe and everyone was in a panic about whether or not they could save his life. I could not stop laughing at all those idiots running around like that guy was in real danger. I spilled all that blood while trying to 'save' him because I was laughing so hard. Also, I'm not the 'new guy'. I've worked here for four years." Although a bit offended by Brian's apathy, Arthur personally thanked each and every one of the staff members who saved his life as he hobbled out of the hospital early this morning. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be standing here," he said as he shook the hands of the hospital staff. Muriel has started a Facebook page for Arthur's supporters to stay up to date with Arthur's condition as he recovers. Donations can also be made through the page to help the Mullins family as they try to heal after this tragedy affected their family.

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