Five Halloween Costumes To Hate: 2014

, by Unknown

Around this time every year, there is always arguments about whether or not Halloween costumes that are designed for women are too revealing or not. Instead of harassing the sexy cats, provocative nuns, and 30 year old school girls, let's direct our negative attentions to the imbeciles who may decide to wear one of these costumes this year. Yes, they are all real.

The Sexy Ebola Containment Suit

Ray or Janay Rice (or anything else involving blackface. I'm talking to you, Julianne Hough)


The Ice Bucket Challenge

Any celebrity who passed away this year

As you frantically search Walmart and Goodwill for anything to wear for Halloween this year, remember that these costumes should probably remain off limits as long as you don't want to be the outcast at the Halloween party you plan to attend. Remember to share this article with one of the links on the left to let your friends know what costumes to avoid as well. 


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