Explosive Dead Dinosaurs

, by Building Rubble

With the rise of hybrid and electric cars, sales of gasoline have started to decline. Oil companies realized that their fuel, that is already more expensive than unicorn blood, needs to be marketed better. They have decided to change the name from "gasoline" to "explosive dead dinosaurs". This name, which is much more appealing, has not been officially released, but it is expected to make gasoline sales go through the roof. "Everyone loves dinosaurs. Now that people know that they are pumping explosive dead dinosaurs into their fuel tanks, they will be more likely to buy our fuel," says gas station owner, Marcus Herron. Prices of the fuel will be raised to over $6 per gallon for triceratops, $7 per gallon for brontosaurus, and $8.50 for T-Rex, regular, mid-grade, and premium respectively. Be sure to fill your car up with explosive dead dinosaurs, coming this summer!

Photo Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/dinosaurs/10533240/A-real-life-Jurassic-Park-Birds-could-be-theoretically-de-evolved-back-to-dinosaurs.html


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