KISS Army Outraged

, by Building Rubble

Every American has heard of the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that collects and donates money to soldiers wounded in combat. Recently, fans of the band KISS have been raising money to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. Most fans and most people in general are supportive of this cause and are willing to help raise the money. However, some of the members of the KISS fanbase, or KISS Army, are incredibly angry about the fundraising. They believe that the money should be used to help wounded warriors of the KISS Army; fans injured at concerts or just injured in general. They have been seen standing outside of recruitment offices and holding signs protesting the fundraiser. Some of the protestors have even been quoted as saying that the fans in charge of the fundraiser are “KISS Army deserters” and that there will soon be a KISS Army war, potentially leading to more KISS Army wounded warriors. 

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