Easter Grass

, by Building Rubble

Normally a time of candy and egg hunts, Easter was full of disappointment for many children this year. When they woke up yesterday morning they expected candy and Easter baskets galore but were instead greeted by Cosmic Brownie wrappers and pizza boxes strewn all over their houses. As you all know, Easter fell on April 20th this year which also happens to be the day many people gather to take part in illicit activities involving marijuana. This “holiday” seems to have distracted the Easter Bunny from his normal duties altogether. The overgrown, egg-toting rodent was found laughing at butterflies in a field on the outskirts of Los Angeles, CA, covered in Cheeto dust and pizza sauce. The owners of the field were confused by the bunny’s state until they found his basket, full to the brim with pipes packed with burned Easter grass. Judging from the amount of drug paraphernalia found in the rabbit’s possession and his mental state, it would appear that he had been celebrating 4/20 for almost 14 hours. This discovery fully explains why so many children were left without candy this year. The Easter Bunny was arrested and allowed to sober up in county jail until early this morning. He has been assigned to community service where he will be assisting Santa Claus in preparing the best Christmas in history in order to make up for ruining Easter.   

Photo Source: http://hdwallpapermania.com/easter-bunny-widescreen-hd-wallpapers/


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